June 15, 2006



The employer and the Local consulted on April 25 and April 27, involving the Regional and National officers of the Union and C&D / Retail Management, and reached agreement on a method of bidding the positions / assignments being changed, moved or deleted. This was a continuation of a past practice that was not applied consistently by the Union or the Employer.

After the internal bid results (clause 13.04) were posted by the employer, the employer raised an objection to the results, that the bid was not conducted according to the Collective Agreement. Upon consulting with the Regional and National Office of the Union it was determined that the local application of clause 13.04(a) was in error.

It has been decided to re-bid some clerk positions in some locations, were it was done wrong. In a couple locations there was no change and thus no re-bid. In some locations the bid was done properly. The parties are discussing the details as to which locations, sections and classifications are involved.

The on going delays, uncertainty and disruption are a concern to the Local and impacted members. The employer cancelled a monthly bid, delayed implementation, imposed the schedule changes and had employees report in some cases, then objected to the results, cancelled another bid and is starting over in some locations. The Local suspects the RMO’s are in charge!

The Local and the Employer made an error in good faith in the application of clause 13.04(a). The future application of clause 13.04(a) has been agreed to. The employer has posted an IBN (Information Book Notice) cancelling the movement on June 18/9, 2006.

Once further information is available on the locations involved, the local will inform you.


In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local