May 1, 2006


There were consultations on April 25 and April 27, involving the Local, Region and National officers of the Union and C&D / Retail Management. Consultation does not mean agreement, and the Local was opposed to the changes for the most part and has filed grievances on the changes.

The employer is making changes to 131 positions in the Local, changing the hours of most Group 1 Postal Clerks, and some changes to Group 2 LCA and DRS positions. This will effect 20 locations out of the 23 in the Local. The only locations not impacted are, West Beaver Creek, YDC and the UMO. In a couple of cases, positions are being moved from one facility or section to another, there are some deletions and some creations. This is the result of CPC changing process strategies in the plants and changing the transportation network.

One aspect that is very troubling is the deletion of a FT Retail Clerk and the creation of PT Retail Clerk for the M.I.P. retail operation at the Unionville location. This is the first time CPC has attempted to use PT on the wickets in the Scarborough Local.

The kind of changes the employer is implementing effect employees in Group 1 differently from employees in Group 2. The rules for the two groups are different, as the bidding process is different.

Group 1

If the hours of a position in a section are changed or there is a reduction in positions, all the employee’s in that classification bid for all the positions in the section. Part Time P04’s and Full Time P04’s are different classifications, so the bidding in some cases does not impact both FT and PT and in some cases it does.

280 Progress is an example of this were there are four (4) sections, “Scarb F”, “C&D”, “Agin/Dep 4/West Hill” and “Retail”. FT P04’s in “Scarb F”, “C&D” and “Agin/Dep 4/West Hill” will bid, and the PT P04’s in “C&D”, “Agin/Dep 4/West Hill” and “Retail” will bid. PT P04’s in “Scarb F”, and FT P04’s in “Retail” do not bid.

Article 54 placements impacted three positions in two locations, Richmond Hill and Don Mills.

Any remaining or resulting positions will be posted on the next monthly bid, expected on May 15, 2006. Employees who did not own assignments or positions in a section will not participate in the internal bid, but will bid in the next monthly bid.

Group 2

While 95% of the positions are structured work under the LCRMS or MSCWSS, LCA and DRS positions are not, which makes them unique. If CPC changes the hours of a position in Group 2, it does not trigger a bid of all the employees in a “unit”. When CPC changes the hours of an LCA or DRS position, it is not a restructure, triggering a minor or major restructure bid. At the same time when the employer restructures the LC or MSC routes in a “unit”, even though it does not change LCA or DRS positions, they go up for bid also.

The process for the two groups is very different, and unfortunately the incumbents of the LCA and DRS positions that were altered, will have their hours changed without any bidding. There is currently a monthly LC bid going on, and you are encouraged to bid off the LCA assignment if the change to your position is not acceptable. Many LCA and DRS positions are 54 placements or positions and employees maybe locked into those positions on a case by case basis, and movement may require agreement between the parties.

The employer will be conducting the bidding as required over the next week. In some locations it maybe a verbal canvass or a bid sheet depending on the size, shifts and absences.

The employer is proposing changes for Unionville, but has not finalized them at this time. They will finalize them in the near future, which may alter the Unionville changes.

Attached is a list of locations, showing the classifications, if there is a change, and if the change triggers a bid.


In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local

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