April 11, 2006



The employer has made major changes to their transportation networks and has reviewed the arrival patterns of mail in all the stations and depots in the Local.

The employer has indicated drastic changes will be taking place in the near future to Clerk and LCA positions in most locations in the Local. Not all the information has been supplied at this time, and consultations have not taken place yet.  The employer will be deleting positions in some locations and adding positions in other locations.

For Group 1 Clerks in C&D, this means there will be bidding of positions in the stations and depots. In some cases Full Time bidding only, in some cases Part Time bidding only and in some cases both Full Time and Part Time bidding will take place, based on the changes in each station. Some positions will move from the current installation or sections to other installation or sections, which may result in employees being displaced to other locations within the Local.

At the same, the Local has been notified that the employer intends to reduce the number of Retail positions, both Full Time and Part Time, which will also trigger some bidding and movement.

Given these changes the Local has asked that the April 2006 Group 1 bid be halted, as it makes no sense to bid on positions that may change before the next reporting date.

For Group 2 LCA and DRS employees in C&D, there will be changes to the hours of work in some locations and some assignments. Again, most locations will be impacted in some way. The provisions for changing LCA and DRS positions / assignments is distinct from the Group 1 clerks. It does not automatically trigger a bid of all the employees in the classification as it is not a restructure.

Employees contemplating bidding on LCA or DRS positions should be aware the position hours could change, and you should be cautious when bidding for a position. There are two restructure bids in the immediate future, Willowdale B and Willowdale D, and those FT LCAs are changing also, but not as part of the restructure process.

Consultations are scheduled for April 25, 2006 and April 27, 2006, and there will be a further bulletin issued after those meetings.


In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local