March 26, 2006



Arbitrator Burkett rendered a decision on December 21, 2005 concerning the National Policy Grievance on Severance Pay. There has been no national or regional bulletin distributed on the issue at this time.

The Union signed a new Collective Agreement with a provision that ended the accumulation of severance pay based on length of service. The National Union took the position that the calculation of severance pay was based on “hours worked” up to a maximum of 40 hours per week for all employees for their entire career at CPC.

The employer took the position that severance pay was based on scheduled hours, and if the scheduled hours were not available, it would be 20 hours.

The Arbitrator ruled in favour of the Employer on the major issue, scheduled hours or hours worked. This means that PT employees who worked full time hours are only entitled to their scheduled hours for the calculation of severance pay, while they were PT.

The Arbitrator ruled in favour of the Union on the limited issue of casual and temporary employee service. As casuals and temporary employees over the years have not had fixed schedules, 19 day contracts, those periods will be prorated as hours worked.

The National parties are discussing methods to implement the decision. In addition there is a Local Grievance covering employees who disputed their Continuous Service Date and Scheduled Hours. Once the National parties work out a procedure to resolve the global issues, the Local will pursue the Local grievance on individual merits if needed.


In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local