March 19, 2006


Canada Post has entered into a mailing contract to deliver the 2006 Census forms to every residence in Canada. Starting in April 2006 this mail will be introduced into the system.

It is important to note the handling and special delivery instructions. While this is first class mail, it is to be delivered over a three day span similar to house holders.

If the employer tries to get you to deliver it in one day, show them the attached CPC minutes.

In addition there are changes to RTS, DRS and holds for this special mailing

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local

February 1, 2006 National Consultation Minutes

Census 2006

Canada Post explained its role with Statistic Canada for the Census 2006. Commencing in April 2006 Statistics Canada will induct approximately 9.4 million 2006 Census questionnaires for delivery to urban residences. Three types of envelopes, 2A (short form) is for 80% of residents, 2B (long form) is for 20% of residents and #6 is for Agriculture. Canada Post explained the differences between what was undertaken in 2001 versus 2006. The new business includes shipping & delivery services of Priority Courier & Xpresspost for shipments between Census 43 regional offices and Statistics Canada National warehouse in Winnipeg. The delivery will start May 2nd and complete by May 5th. Letter Carriers are to deliver 1/3 of route each day to reduce daily load. Since people will be able to fill the questionnaire online, Statistic Canada does not want everyone at once on the server. Canada Post also explained that there are unique delivery requirements as follows: Vacant dwellings not to be considered as undeliverable; Multi pieces per unit (reasonable); different units with no unit identifiers (addressed 1-2-3-4 vs a-b-c-d); Mailing address issues apply carrier knowledge (Street vs Ave) – NO REDIRECTION of mail for delivery; hold mail, deliver when request ends; RTS mail (unique postal code KIA 9Z5), must use RTS label identifier or the block stamp and clearly identify why it is being returned. Returns need to be expedited back to CPC daily. Canada Post explained that Ottawa MPP will create a work centre for processing of mail back questionnaires. Ottawa will receive two additional Edger Facer Machines (EFM) and the four EFMs will be fitted with new bar code scanners. Prior to delivery of the mail back completed questionnaires, Canada Post will sort and data capture a Census Registration bar code in Phase 1 Canada Post will scan the data from May 2nd to May 26th and by May 22nd Statistics Canada expects 85 – 90% returns. The success of this delivery will determine future business with Statistics Canada for future census.