February 19, 2006


Pre Retirement Leave is separate and distinct from Annual Leave. Once the Annual Leave selections have been completed, the employer should conduct the Pre Retirement Leave selection process. In each Location, Group and class there is one (1) fifty-three (53) week column for the 2006 / 2007 Leave Year.

Pre Retirement Leave can be taken 52 weeks a year (this year 53 weeks), there is no period blocked out, like Group 1, 3 & 4 Annual Leave.

Once an employee qualifies for Pre Retirement Leave (clause 19.13 – attached) they can take it up to six years in a row, every other year or even every three years over a maximum of fifteen (15) years. You do not have to use it each year after you start using it as in prior collective agreements.

You can not take this leave a day at a time, it must be in one week periods. If you choose a week with a statutory holiday in it, the additional days must be taken after and contiguous to the week selected, and can not be used at a later date like a “lieu day” from the Annual Leave selection.

If you leave Canada Post without using all your Pre Retirement Leave, you will not be paid out for unused credits. It is a “use it or lose it” benefit. When planning your retirement, you should plan to use up all credits in at least the last five years of your employment.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local

19.13          Pre-retirement Leave

(a)          In addition to vacation leave provided for under this agreement, a regular employee who attains fifty (50) years of age and completes twenty (20) years of continuous employment or attains sixty (60) years of age and completes five (5) years of continuous employment, shall be entitled to be paid a pre-retirement leave of one (1) week in the vacation year in which he or she becomes eligible for such leave and in every vacation year thereafter until the employee’s retirement up to a maximum of six (6) weeks pre-retirement leave from the time of eligibility until the time of retirement.

(b)          An employee may elect to take her or his fifth (5th) and sixth (6th) weeks of pre-retirement leave during the same year.

(c)          Pre-retirement leave with pay shall be scheduled in one (1) week blocks separate from the scheduling of vacation leave at a time to be determined by the Corporation taking into consideration the employee's wishes, seniority and operational requirements.

(d)          It is understood that there shall be no payment made to or on behalf of any employee in lieu of unused pre-retirement leave.

(e)          No employee shall be required or authorized to work during his or her pre-retirement leave.

(f)          When any day scheduled as pre-retirement leave falls on a designated paid holiday, the employee shall be entitled to an alternate day at the end of his or her pre-retirement leave.

(g)          In the event of termination of employment for reasons other than death or lay-off, the Corporation shall recover from any monies owed the employee an amount equivalent to pre-retirement leave taken by the employee after the beginning of the vacation year and prior to his or her birthday or anniversary date, whichever is later.

(h)          In the event that an employee exercises his or her right under paragraph (b), the Corporation shall not recover the fifth (5th) or the sixth (6th) week of pre-retirement leave if the Corporation would not otherwise be able to recover the fifth week pursuant to paragraph (g).