February 18, 2006


The employer is in the process of making changes to the MSC Shuttle operation which impacts when mail arrives at a station. In addition the employer is expending 2-4 person years in extra hours and premium hours at Unionville in Group 1, not including the free work they receive from modified duty employees from other locations like the YDC. The employer had deleted two PT P04 positions at Unionville indicating the work would be covered by Group 2 Letter Carriers and MSC’s on modified duties and this was grieved.

The employer consulted with the Local on altering the hours of the existing FT and PT P04’s at Unionville and adding four (4) PT P04’s. The Union wanted the addition of four (4) FT P04’s, and will be monitoring the hours used to see if a staffing grievance can be submitted to convert PT to FT.

The changes to the PT and FT P04’s triggers an application of clause 13.04(a) and the positions in the C&D section, preferred and non preferred are opened for bidding by seniority. This does not impact the Retail employees in the M.I.P. section. The employer is currently conducting a bidding of these C&D assignments. Once the results are known, there will be consultation on a new rotation of duties schedule. Two weeks after implementation the employer will conduct a 30 day survey of the departure time of Letter Carriers due to the changes.


In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local