August 30, 2005


Scarborough Local announces a website to fight the Ajax Retail closure

The Scarborough Local has launched a website to fight the closure of the Ajax Retail operation. On this site you will find links to your Mayor, City Councilors and MP. You are encourages to contact these individuals and express your concerns. There are also links to Canada Post Corporation and local newspapers.

Canada Post Corporation has decided to close it’s only Full Service Retail outlet after providing more than 30 years of Service to the community. Canada Post is closing a profitable retail location that offers services that can not be offered by contracted out outlets which do not have trained staff.

Canada Post expects approximately 1300 customers who currently pick up their “General Delivery” mail at Ajax and Pickering to pick up their mail before 2 PM or park on Harwood Ave and get there mail out of hundreds of group mail boxes.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local

From Anyone...Except In Ajax