July 30, 2005


Ajax, Pickering and Richmond Hill will be part of a National project and see a Station based “MAIL VOLUME INDEX”(MVI). Currently in a Letter Carrier restructure, the values in a count are adjusted up or down by the CMVI (CITY MAIL VOLUME INDEX) which encompasses all mail from Ajax to Port Credit. The problem with the CMVI is that it is not a true reflection of the level of mail in a station, and we get hurt by the CMVI in many cases.

The National Union negociated a change to introduce a station based MVI that is the collection of data of random Points Of Call in the station. Points Of Call selected will in effect be counted all year long. It is important that the information is recorded accurately as it will affect the walks and our jobs in the upcoming restructures of these stations, which is scheduled prior to the end of the Collective Agreement in 2007.

Consultations will be taking place in the near future at the Regional and Local level. Further information will be supplied after consultations.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local

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