July 25, 2005



In the fall of 2004 the Local Raised concerns over the process of “Random Numbers” for employees promoted from Temporary Employee Status into Indeterminate Employee Status. The employer should have established a new “Random Number” upon promotion from Temporary Employee Status and they did not do this. As a result, some PT LC-01 employees were not given the walks they should have gotten in the monthly assignment bids. This may have impacted on the extra hours offered to some employees. This may have affected some employees who did not accept acting Full Time assignments. This may have affected some employees annual leave selections.

The employer has not posted the vacant PT LC-01 positions on recent Monthly LC Assignment postings as a result of their error, which they have now conceded. These positions will be on the next / current posting.

Upon careful review, it has been determined that a number of employees were bypassed in the bidding of positions. The vast majority of PT LC-01 employees were not impacted by the CPC errors. In many cases, the employee got the same position regardless of the change in random numbers. In other cases the employee should have gotten another PT walk in the station but regardless was an acting FT LC Relief.

The Local was able to identify 21 employees with adverse effects based on a number of factors, and they will receive $1,750.00 each in compensation, for a total of $36,750.00.  These employees will receive an individual letter indicating payment. This list is attached to this bulletin.

This settlement of PT LC-01’s does not include the PT P04 errors at the YDC, this settlement is still pending.


In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local