June 14, 2005


If, due to an allowed WSIB claim, a letter carrier is off work for four weeks or more, the following Workplace Safety Insurance Board policy is applicable:


Regular Production Bonuses And Commissions

Bonuses and commission are considered regular, if they are paid

·   In each of the four weeks before the injury, if paid weekly, or

·   in each of the three months before the injury, if paid monthly

The amount of regular bonuses and commissions included is the average of the four weeks, or three months respectively.

Allan Ackerman is the Canada Post Occupational Health and Safety Officer. He is the liaison between the operations sector e.g. the stations and payroll; and the WSIB. It is his responsibility to ensure that the records of the householder earnings are conveyed to the WSIB for determination of benefits (85% of net earnings) on any claim. The Form 7 should clearly indicate that the householder bonuses are not included in the pay advances that the employee has received, or is receiving.

The Corporation has not always been diligent in conveying this information. As a result, some carriers have not received benefits to which they should have been entitled. If you find yourself in this situation; have had a claim and wonder whether you did get your householder benefits included in your claim, contact your adjudicator at WSIB and ask them.

I am not authorized to speak to your adjudicator unless a consent form has been signed. If you feel that you claim has not been fully processed (after speaking to your adjudicator), contact this office and arrange an appointment with me to discuss your case.

In Solidarity

Dean Roosevelt
Vice President At Large
Scarborough Local

(Portfolios-WSIB Claims and Appeals; Article 54 Placements)