June 12, 2005



Canada Post has confirmed that two buildings currently being used will be closed in the near future and Letter Carriers and Postal Clerks will be relocated.


The Ajax facility will close this fall and employees will be relocated to a newly built facility north of the current location on November 21, 2005. The building is close to the intersection of Harwood Rd. and Hwy #2. The CPC plan includes a 5, 10 and 15 year growth plan, with physical expansions to the building. CPC indicates that in 15 years it will close the Pickering station and move it to the new Ajax location. CPC’s long term plans have been known to change with time.

CPC has not indicated what will happen to the Retail operation in Ajax, despite our repeated requests. CPC National has not made a decision yet. The Local wants to maintain and grow the Retail operation, and feels initiatives similar to West Beaver Creek and the 280 Progress facility should be investigated for a new Retail site.


The Landlord won’t renew the lease, so Scarborough F is moving to 280 Progress Ave in January 2006. There will be major construction at 280 Progress with the old maintenance room in the North West corner being removed and the expansion of the parking lot. There will be other physical changes including some changes to the docks.

For both the Ajax and Scarborough F facilities the talks have just begun and will involve the Health & Safety Committee members and will impact on walk values (over assessment or restructure) and likely the hours of work for some employees.

Watch for further information when it becomes available.


In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local