May 5, 2005



Article 32 of the Collective Agreement allows for the use of a Private Vehicle by "Letter Carriers" who voluntarily agree to use their own vehicle to perform work or move from location to location. Article 32 of the Collective Agreement provides for the payment of mileage and commercial insurance for the use of your private vehicle.

Letter Carriers who opt to use their Private Vehicle under Article 32 and receive payments should be aware of the long standing position of the Local: If you opt for Private Vehicle payments, you will remain on that walk until the next restructure as per article 32.06(k). As these restructures are taking place in 2005, you will be stuck on your walk until at least 2007 at the earliest.

Letter Carriers who find themselves on a PV walk, through the bidding process or transfers, are to be given "Special Transportation" under Article 32.06(h) on the first day of the assignment and may bid off that walk to another walk. You can not opt for PV payment unless you bid on a PV walk in the restructure and accept payment at the time.

The use of Private Vehicles under Article 32 impacts on the restructure exercise, affecting the routes, the number of positions, the relief in a station and the workload on a walk.

On the other had you will get ?? cents per kilometre as per the Corporate Plan to compensate for gas and maintenance and you will be expected to maintain your vehicle in a road worthy condition.

Use of a Private Vehicle under Article 32, forbids taking out drops or giving other carriers a ride to their walks.

Each employee is entitled to make their own choice about the use of Private Vehicles and the Union is barred from opposing Private Vehicles due to Formal Arbitration decisions, which bind the parties.

You are entitled to opt for Private Vehicles, but you should consider all the factors and make an informed choice. Attached to this Bulletin is a copy of Article 32.06.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local

32.06        Private Vehicle

(a)              Notwithstanding paragraphs 32.01(b) and 32.05(c), letter carriers who voluntarily agree to use their own vehicles will be allowed to do so and the routes may be restructured accordingly subject to the following rules:

(b)              Employees volunteering to use his or her private vehicle to replace the special transportation vehicle will be compensated in accordance with clause 35.07 the same total number of kilometers as the special transportation vehicle would have utilized under the Route Measurement System.

(c)              In addition to the compensation noted above, the Corporation will compensate each employee actually using his or her vehicle for the additional compulsory insurance premium levied for the business use insurance in accordance with the administrative practices of the Corporation. As well, the Corporation shall reimburse the employee for freeway and bridge tolls incurred while in the course of delivery.

(d)              Prior to the restructuring in accordance with Article 47, the Corporation shall identify those letter carrier routes on which letter carriers may be permitted to use private vehicles.

(e)              After these routes have been identified and subsequent to the assessment exercise where applicable but prior to the restructuring, letter carriers will be asked by seniority to identify the routes they wish to take and their willingness to utilize private vehicles.

(f)              During the restructuring process, routes which have been identified in accordance with paragraph 32.06(d) and which have been identified by employees willing to utilize private vehicles may be restructured for special transportation. It is understood that the routes so identified may change or disappear during the restructuring process. All other routes shall be restructured in accordance with normal restructuring procedures.

(g)              All employees shall bid on the restructured routes in accordance with the collective agreement.

(h)              Where in the course of the bidding a letter carrier obtains a route which is structured for special transportation and that letter carrier is not willing to use a private vehicle he or she shall be conveyed by the special transportation designated for that route.

(i)              Once the bidding process is completed and the restructuring implemented, employees will be required to utilize the transportation designated for that route.

(j)              This procedure shall be followed in subsequent restructuring. Routes that were, notwithstanding paragraph 32.05(c), converted from public transportation to special transportation in accordance with paragraph 32.06(f) of this procedure, will be considered to be on public transportation for the purpose of applying this procedure in subsequent restructuring.

(k)              Notwithstanding Article 11 and clauses 13.28 to 13.31, employees volunteering to use their own vehicles shall remain on those routes which they bid until the next restructuring of the installation unless agreed to by local Management and the Union local.

(l)              Payment for the use of private vehicles will be made to employees on a monthly basis.

(m)              No employee in his or her own private vehicle will be allowed to carry out any other employee to his or her route.

(n)              No employee in his or her own private vehicle will be allowed to carry any relay bundles in his or her vehicle.

(o)              All employees will be fully covered by Article 24 when using their own vehicles in the course of their duties.

(p)              When an employee, or a relief employee does not have his or her vehicle he or she will be treated in accordance with the special transportation provision of the Route Measurement System.

(q)              Prior to the start of the shift or as soon as possible after the commencement of the shift, the employee will notify his or her supervisor that his or her private vehicle is not available for that day.