March 21, 2005


2nd Round Bidding for MSC at YDC begins Monday March 21, 2005

Only 27 Full Time MSC and 7 Part Time MSC at the YDC are eligible to participate in the 2nd round of restructure bidding to own assignments at this parcel hub. This bidding is scheduled to begin today and will close on Thursday March 31, 2005.

Only the full time and part time MSCs who were not assignment holders at the YDC on December 1, 2004 can take part in the second part of the bidding process.

All 27 full time and 7 part time MSCs must submit a new bid form with their choices. Failure to submit a bid form will result in drivers being placed in assignments which remain vacant at the completion of the bidding exercise.

Full time MSC will make their choices from 8 remaining Loop tours and 19 Relief assignments. There is 1 tour in Loop J; 3 tours in Loop L; 2 tours in Loop M and 2 tours in Loop P. 9 Annual Relief assignments and 10 Sick and Other Relief assignments can also be chosen.

Part Timers will choose from 15 vacant assignments. 11 of these assignments are Flex Part-Time tours. These tours can have compulsory extensions to 8 hours when specific conditions prevail. The other 4 tours are afternoon SLB tours ranging from 4 hours to 4.47 hours.

It is important to point out that drivers who have chosen or were given an assignment in the First Round of this bidding CANNOT TAKE PART in this Second Round.

Drivers wishing to change assignments must wait to do so when the Monthly MSC bid takes place at the end of April 2005.


In Solidarity

Learie Charles
Grievance Officer
Scarborough Local