March 21, 2005


Temporary M.S.C.’s at Y.D.C.

The official listing shows that there are 51 Temporary MSCs on the YDC Group 2 Term list. In reality however, some of these workers have already been appointed to indeterminate Part Time positions as PO 4, MSC and as Letter Carriers in Toronto. Their stay with us has been short. They were wise to put in transfers to become permanent workers as quickly as possible. In the process they have left behind several other temporary MSC with greater seniority. The local takes this opportunity to urge all the Term MSCs as well as other terms to put in transfers to promote to indeterminate (permanent) status. Opportunities are available in both the Toronto and Scarborough Post Offices. From April 1st, 2005 your transfers will be kept permanently on file even after you have promoted to permanent status.

Temporary MSC at the YDC must indeed be worried and confused with the bidding process taking place. There is concern that Temp services may not be needed upon the completion of the bid and that they might be sent home. The local can give no assurance that this will not happen.

However, the situation at the YDC will not change overnight. There are several long term absences to be filled and many other short term injuries which are occurring regularly, disabling tour holders from performing their duties. Temporary workers will be needed to assist in covering these duties which are beyond the relief compliment.

As the April 4th, 2005 implementation date for the new tours rolls around there will be need to put in place the temporary staff to back up the regular staffing. All assignments presently held by Term MSC will come to an end on the last working day before the implementation of the new tours.

To ensure continuity management will have to know and put term staffing in place before the tours are implemented. It is anticipated that next week measures will be taken to do so. It is therefore important that all Temporary MSC make sure that their names are on the Temporary MSC list and in the proper order. If it is not in order point this out to management and call the local union office.

Selection of assignments for Temporary MSC must also be done according to seniority on the temp list. In other words the employer must allow you to select your work according to seniority. The process for doing this is not as complex as with the present MSC bid but it must still be done to ensure that fairness and seniority rights are upheld.


In Solidarity

Learie Charles
Grievance Officer
Scarborough Local