March 20, 2005


1st Round Bid Results

1st Choice – 73 drivers; 2nd Choice – 19 drivers;

3rd Choice – 11 drivers; 4th Choice – 8 drivers;

5th Choice – 6 drivers; 7th to 10th Choices – 12 drivers; other choices – 11 drivers.


The initial results of the MSC tour bid which closed on Friday 18th March 2005 are a sign of hope for the entire Parcel Project. The bid allowed the drivers to choose the work which they prefer to do as the project goes through its start up problems.

Drivers have shown, with their choices that they are prepared to continue their best efforts to ensure that they master the poorly structured tours which they have struggled to do in the past five months. At the same time there is great hope that this commitment will be match by management taking concrete measures to solve all the problems associated with the tours.

Drivers are hoping and demanding that the major problems encountered daily with the tours are addressed immediately. Workers want to start their tours on time and finish them according to the structured times. They too have families and love ones awaiting them at home. They want realistic workload assignments which can be accomplished within properly allocated times. This calls for management and the route measurement officials to step up their work immediately and with urgency to eliminate problems which have been pointed out time and again. For instance they must address the problems of the poorly designed loops and the resulting route structure not based on practical reality but on some pre-programmed time lines.

There is need to adjust the work so that it can be accomplished in the required time. If more drivers have to be employed to accomplish this then so be it. But the situation cannot continue whereby demands and threats are being made against workers who are making every effort to complete their day’s work but find it impossible to do so. At once attention must be turned to making sure that the drive times on the routes are real and that the appropriate credit is given for moving product from the Retail Post Offices and from other commercial pick ups. Major work has to be done to ensure that drivers are also given the true time values to offload their trucks on return to the YDC.

At the front end management has the responsibility to make sure that the trucks leaving the premises are carrying the load for which the tour is designed. The overloading and poor placement of parcels in vehicles must be stopped. The blame for this cannot be placed on the brothers and sisters loading the trucks, but on those who are there to ensure that the trucks are properly loaded. In this area as well heavy parcels can cause serious physical injury to those who are being made to handle them without the necessary assistance.

Perhaps the most dangerous thing to be eliminated to make this project succeed is the mindset of those at the managerial level who continue to make ad-hoc decisions on the basis of denying that the problems faced by the workers are true. Somehow, they seem to think, the drivers can do more than they are structured to do. At every opportunity they are, therefore, being pushed in the hope to have them work faster and distribute more parcels in less than the allocated time.

The Scarborough local union and the national union continue with the best efforts to make sure that the work allocated to the drivers meets the realities of the working conditions in Scarborough and Toronto. Our whole effort is geared to ensure that the MSC work continues to grow and continues to be done by our members who have given many years of their working lives to carrying out this parcel delivery and pickup work. In this respect the local has and will continue to give the necessary attention to sorting out the problems. However, we must have the active support of the members to really deal with the issues. We know that time is short but the efforts must be relentless to overcome the shortcomings of the work situation.


In Solidarity

Learie Charles
Grievance Officer
Scarborough Local