January 8, 2005


All members were shocked at the tragedy that occurred on Boxing Day in South and Southeast Asia. The numbers are staggering, the dead, injured and displaced are equivalent to the entire GTA area. While the numbers are large, there is a personal face to these victims. We are blessed to live in a very diverse multicultural city that allows us to experience the world on our door step. We also, unfortunately, have experienced the hardship felt by our members, families and friends who have been directly affected by this tragedy.

We are also aware of the impact on Postal Workers in these countries. In Aceh, Sumatra only 64 out of 200 members are alive. In Sri Lanka approximately 350 post offices were destroyed or damaged, and there were also deaths.

While you may wonder why foreign tourists are treated differently in these countries, why the world can stand by and do nothing in Darfur (now), Rwanda (past) and other locations where more have died, at the hands of others, but what do you do now?

Many employees have helped in their own way, as you have done in the past (United Way). If you feel the need to help you should donate to a large recognized agency already working in the affected areas. Some organizations have religious connotations and some have high “overhead” costs and a smaller percentage of your donation reaches the area.

Brother Sam Harper from Pickering is putting together a dinner / limo / entertainment package to be raffled off with all the proceeds going to the Tsunami Relief.

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers is a member of the International Union called UNI which represents international postal and communication unions. We suggest that you donate to this relief organization.

The “UNI-care” Bank information is on the reverse of this bulletin, along with other major organizations. This list of organizations is from the Canadian International Development Agency. Many have on-line / internet / VISA payment options. You can also talk to your banking institution. Major Banks will accept donations to the Red Cross/Red Crescent.

The Scarborough Local Executive encourages you to help in your own way if you can.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local

UNI has opened an account "UNIon Care"; the name was suggested by our Indonesian affiliate Aspek.

Banque Cantonale Vaudoise
Case postale 267
1260 Nyon 1, Switzerland
Reference: "UNIon Care" Account Number 5096.77.37
IBAN number: CH14 0076 7001 S509 6773 7

  • Canadian Lutheran World Relief: www.clwr.org or 1-800-661-2597.
  • Canadian Red Cross: www.redcross.ca or 1-800-418-1111.
  • Donations can also be made at any Toronto Police Service station.
  • CARE Canada: www.care.ca or 1.800.267.5232.
  • Development and Peace: www.devp.org or 1-888-664-3387.
  • Doctors Without Borders: www.msf.ca or 1-800-982-7903.
  • Mennonite Central Committee: www.mcc.org.
  • Oxfam Canada: www.oxfam.ca or 1-800-GO-OXFAM.
  • Save the Children Canada: www.savethechildren.ca or 1-800-668-5036.
  • UNICEF Canada: www.unicef.ca or 1-877-955-3111.
  • World Vision Canada: www.worldvision.ca or 1-800-268-5528.

  • CIDA Website Information

    These organizations and specialized agencies have many years of experience in providing assistance. They have established information networks, systems for distributing goods, and techniques for assessing needs based on factors such as the victims' way of life, eating habits and religious beliefs. They can often buy goods at special prices, ensuring full value for each dollar donated. Some goods can be bought locally, keeping transportation costs low and stimulating the local economy. These groups monitor the delivery of their assistance in an effort to ensure aid reaches its intended destination.

    Canadians can make a difference in times of international emergency or crisis. Individually, or as part of a larger community, you are encouraged to :

  • First, contact any number of national or international non-governmental agencies which have the networks necessary to distribute food, clothes and medicines quickly and efficiently. They'll be happy to suggest the best ways to make a meaningful contribution.
  • Organize fund-raising events, such as garage sales, auctions or raffles, with the proceeds donated to international relief efforts.
  • Volunteer your time or skills to the local office of the agency of your choice.
  • Stay involved. Remember that the need for assistance will go on long after the crisis disappears from the headlines. In most cases, rehabilitation and reconstruction following conflict and natural disasters take years.