December 3, 2004


The Y.D.C. at 1860 Midland is experiencing a high level of parcel volumes and has a limited amount of staff to cover the work. Not all the work has been contracted back in, yet the existing staff is maximized.

In the month of December 2004 the volumes will exceed the available Group 2 staff and MSC temporary employees. There will be extra hours and overtime for PT and overtime for FT Group 2 employees up to seven days a week.

Group 2 employees in all the Scarborough Local stations and depots are encouraged to put their names on the “out of station” list at the YDC.  You will be offered work in the PM delivering Priority Courier and Parcels, Monday to Friday. You will also be offered weekend work at an incentive rate of 90 items for eight hours of double time pay. This offer is open to Group 2 employees with a valid VOP.

To get your name on the list for extra hours/overtime you need to contact Dan Jones (AP-02) at 647-321-4772. You need to provide your name, station, and a home phone number or cell phone number. If you have e-mail you can provide that also. When extra hours or overtime is need, you will be contacted once the YDC staff has been maximized and then you will be offered work. Temporary employees who are properly covering assignments may also request to be placed on the list, and will get an offer after the indeterminate employees have been exhausted. CPC has secured a fleet of extra vans to accommodate this work if you do not have access to a suitable CPC vehicle from your station. This might be very attractive to PT LC’s in stations doing the MLC tours.

In addition to this temporary problem there are opportunities for PT LC’s in the stations to go acting FT MSC Relief at the YDC under clause 17.11. This is similar to clause 17.06 where in the past PT MSC’s went acting FT LC Relief.

YDC has maximized their relief and temporary employees and is currently adding temporary employees to both of their lists. Temporary employees are allowed to transfer lists, but you are locked into that new list for one year. Currently, virtually all temps on the Group 1 list and the Group 2 list at the YDC are working. CPC is currently hiring off the street new temps for both lists. The Group 1 work is very strenuous and requires driving large step vans and having a VOP. If you are not working you may want to consider transferring to one of the YDC lists, but this is not guarantee of work all year, as it is possible CPC will rectify the YDC problems sometime in 2005.

It’s the holiday season, and Santa is handing out extra hours and overtime at the YDC, grab your share if you want it, all good things come to an end sometime.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local