October 30, 2004



On October 25, 2004 the employer contracted in the Expedited work from Maritime –Ontario who is the local UEC (Urban Expedited Contractor). The Local and the National Union believes the balance of the UEC work should be contracted in on November 1, 2004.

This week was a disaster at the YDC. Drivers went out up to three hours late in some cases. PT and FT clerks worked extra hours and overtime up to 12 hours per shift, while working through breaks and lunches to get the drivers on the road.

The volume was so great and the size of the items so large, there were delivery failures every day of the week, including all the product lines. There was an impact on the Stations and RSMC’s as well. There was late Priority Courier sent to the stations with no hope of delivery on time. Large items were also sent to the stations which also caused problems. There are software problems that sent 1 item to a Letter Carrier on a foot route and 1 item to a YDC MSC. The items are identical and for delivery the same day.

On Tuesday they delivered Monday mail and some Tuesday Mail. On Thursday, there was Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mail piled up for storage. Friday was no better. CPC offered rotation day overtime to the # 1 Shift, # 2 shift and # 3 shift clerks on Saturday and Sunday. Approximately 60 MSC’s and temps were offered 8 hours rotation day overtime to work on Sunday October 31, 2004 to delivery 90 Pieces each. There were problems even with this operation. Monday November 1, 2004 is bound to be a failure also.

There have been a considerable number of bypasses for the Group 1 # 3 shift employees, resulting in a large amount of “armchair” money being paid out without grievances. MSC term assignments will be reoffered, along with relief assignments, and then damages will be worked out.

It has been a long time since CPC had 6 day a week service excluding Christmas. Some of the extremely senior members will recall we once had 6 day a week service, in the wickets and delivery, some places even received two deliveries a day.

At the YDC we can expect a 6 day a week service for the next little while, and two deliveries a day, one by LC or RSMC and later by an MSC. Unless it’s the next day and it’s late.


In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local