October 29, 2004



The Local and the Employer consulted on October 29, 2004 concerning a number of issues. One of the issues was the Group 1 staffing, keying, racking, loading of trucks, and incoming volumes. The Local had been indicating for the last year that the staffing and other issues would not meet the needs of the operation.

The extremely dismal failure this week at YDC has brought senior management to their senses, to a certain degree. Management concedes there “are some minor start up issues”. We have not come close to 100% of the structured volume, while some individual loops have been in the 80% range on selected days.

As a result of the minor start up issues, there will be a major change in the Group 1 Staffing. CPC will be adding 10 (ten) FT P04 day positions and 1 (one) PT P04 day position. CPC will also add 3 (three) FT P04 night positions and 10 (ten) PT P04 afternoon positions. CPC has changed all the constituent elements of all the existing positions, reclassified existing positions, and has created new positions.

As a result of this change, there will be an overall bid for all Group 1 employees.  Ten PT P04’s will be reclassified into FT P04’s from the existing PT P04’s on strength on October 29, 2004. Then three FT P04 positions will be filled from the transfer/promotion list.

As a result of the reclassifications and transfer list action, twenty three (23) PT P04 positions will be filled from the transfer list as it existed on October 29, 2004. This will result in many promotions from temporary employee status to indeterminate status.

This movement and additional staff will not physically relieve the situation at the YDC in the near future, as the staff coming into the building must be trained. Once the details of the breaks, lunches and rotation days are finalized the employer will post the schedules of work.

We are attempting to help the employer expedite that staffing, but their VOP verification process and training limitations are hindering staffing up the positions.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local