October 4, 2004



Today the new Parcel Delivery method is being implemented at York Distribution Center (YDC). This new process for getting parcels to the public in a more organized manner, directly involves more than 255 Scarborough Local CUPW members. There are dozens of newly promoted Full Time and Part Time PO 4s, there are several dozen newly promoted Full Time and Part Time Mail Service Couriers, and Mechanical and Electronic Technicians are now part of the staff at the YDC.

A rebuilt conveyor belt is now operational, and the parking lot is full of new trucks. New tours of duty have been put together and in a rushed bidding process over the past two weeks members have reluctantly made their choice of work for the days and months ahead. The uncertainty of exactly what changes this new process will bring to their lives is weighing heavy on the minds of members involved.

The Scarborough Local would like to make it clear to all members that we have and are making every effort to sort out all the outstanding problems which have come up as a result of the new process being put in place. A lot of work has been done over these past 11 months by the Local to ensure that the members’ best interest is served at every stage. This work has been made extremely difficult because of the newness of this project and most important because we have met the same old Post Office management style with some window dressing.

The Local is of the belief that management is refusing to pay proper attention to solving the problems faced by workers directly involved in this project. So that even today as the work goes onto the streets these problems are outstanding. The properly trained staff is still not in place to make this project a success. We continue to stand in disagreement with the staffing which has been done for the so called Super Clerks processing the parcels. As recent as Friday members were still being called up to fill in as Full Time MSCs for the first day of work. Adequate training of the staff has not been completed, running the risk of all kinds of problems happening at the YDC itself and on the streets from day one.

The local also has serious disagreements with the results of the restructure of Delivery and Pick-up Tours. We do not believe that enough time and effort has been put into correcting the identified problems on these tours. In fact the closer these tours are viewed the more mistakes are being found. And what is management’s attitude to solving them – wait until June 2005!! That is exactly the answer which the Local has been given for pointing out that the drive times to the RPOs cannot be all the same. Drivers have different distances to travel and must be accurately compensated. We are not prepared to accept this kind of answer and this matter will soon be grieved.

The Local is also protesting management’s intentions to break the Collective Agreement by refusing to give a definite date for bringing in all the parcels presently delivered by contractors working in our delivery areas. The return of these parcels was one of the few positives of the new collective agreement. Now attempts are being made to violate this agreement.

All members involved in this project should be vigilant in doing their jobs. The new process which is being put in place today also potentially has many down sides. Because it has not been properly tested management will push you to break the work rules and methods which have been established. Resist doing any of this. We are calling on all the members to do their assignments as they should be done following best practices. Your health and safety is at stake here. The shortcomings which arise in the course of your work should be reported immediately. This will ensure that the problems identified will be acted upon at once. No problem is too small to be pointed out. In this new process what may seem small can be much more important than you estimate. Do not be afraid to call your supervisor or any of your union representatives and point out the problems and demand that they get you the proper solution.

To the drivers on the street in particular we urge you to do your work in a safe and secure manner. Do not hesitate to call 416-755- 2930, the dispatch desk or the Radio Room at 1-800-661-4216 - call collect if necessary.

A number of officers of the Local will be on hand for most of the week to assist you in getting the problems resolved at the YDC. The success of this project is entirely on the shoulders of you the brothers and sisters who have accepted the challenge of doing the actual work.

In Solidarity

Learie Charles
Grievance Officer
Scarborough Local
Member Parcel Project Local Working Committee