August 29, 2004


YDC FT P04’s

The Local and the Employer consulted on August 19, 2004, and has had subsequent meetings and discussions concerning the Group 1 staffing at the YDC. The Local is ABSOLUTELY AND UNEQUIVOCALLY opposed to the CPC Proposal. CPC provided their proposal in the late afternoon of August 18, 2004 with many errors again.

The Local did not agree with the CPC position of NO FT Day jobs. Given the proposed schedule, CPC could have created FT Day Positions, but chooses not to. CPC’s position is it is easier to delete a PT job or convert a PT job into FT, than delete a FT Job in the future.

The employer’s original proposal was 75 FT P04’s, 25 on each shift, to process all mail for delivery and process incoming mail for distribution to the plants. Obviously this is much better than current proposal, which we believe will fail. The Local provided counter proposals creating more FT positions, which CPC declined to implement.

The Local also did not agree with the proposed keying rate. CPC can not provide justification for the keying rates that satisfies the Local or National Union. We also disagree with the sortation, and racking rates and the vehicle load times.

CPC expects clerks to rack parcels at a rate of 240 per hour, that’s one every fifteen seconds. Pick up a parcel, look at the label, walk to the rack from the run off, scan the rack for the sequence range, place the parcel on the rack, rearrange other parcels if needed, and walk back to the run off. The only people who could maintain this rate over 8 hours are currently competing in Athens at the Olympics.

The employer will increase the FT P04’s by approximately 12 positions, beyond the positions currently activated.

There will be 14 afternoon shift positions, and 29 night shift positions.  Most senior FT will bid for the afternoon shift, unfortunately, the junior FT will likely be forced into the night shift positions. The night shift will key parcels, load racks, drive vehicles in the yard and load trucks. This work will be considerably different than the work being done today. CPC must provide VOP training to employees to drive CPC vehicles. There has been no consultations on the rotation of duties as of yet.

The Local does not agree with the CPC staffing proposal and believes it will lead to considerable problems when the Parcel Model is implemented. This will impact adversely on the success of the project itself and on the lives of the members involved in trying to make it a success while earning a living.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local