August 29, 2004


YDC PT P04’s

The Local and the Employer consulted on August 19, 2004, and has had subsequent meetings and discussions concerning the Group 1 staffing at the YDC. The Local is opposed to the CPC Proposal. CPC provided their proposal in the late afternoon of August 18, 2004 with many errors again.

The Local did not agree with the proposed staffing profile, the keying, the sortation, and racking rates or the vehicle load times. The Local did not agree with the CPC position of NO FT Day jobs. The Local did not agree with the CPC position on the PT Schedules of work, rotation days, and unscheduled days.

The Local had suggested in earlier consultations, that CPC reclassify all PT P04 positions into FT P04’s, allowing existing PT P04’s to promote to FT P04’s, prior to accessing the current transfer list. The employer rejected this proposal. As a result of the prior CPC decision, the new/additional FT P04 jobs will be filled from the transfer lists, instead of promoting the current PT to FT. This is a CPC decision, which was disputed by the Local.

The employer will increase the PT P04’s by approximately 16 positions, beyond the positions currently activated. Many of these positions will go to Temporary Employees on the transfer / promotion list. Many YDC Group 1 Temporary employees do not have their names on the promotion list.

There will be 8 afternoon shift positions, and 24 morning positions. Most senior PT will bid for the afternoon shift, as it is a Monday to Friday schedule, and the work will be similar to the work now being done. Unfortunately, the junior PT will likely be forced into morning shifts. These morning positions have a horrendous schedule of floating rotation days, unscheduled days and eight hours on a Saturday. If you end up on one these positions, you will be expected to drive trucks in the yard and load the parcels on the trucks. It is suggested that if you get one of these jobs, you put in a transfer the Metro East Post Office for PT & FT Clerk, and PT & FT Carrier ASAP, if you want a Monday to Friday assignment.

The Local does not agree with the CPC staffing proposal and believes it will lead to considerable problems when the Parcel Model is implemented. This will impact adversely on the success of the project itself and on the lives of the members involved in trying to make it a success while earning a living.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local