July 26, 2004


Implementation Delayed Again

The structuring of the new MSC tours has been lurching along slowly, and it is possible that “a tour” maybe finished “completely” in the near future, unless there is another RMO Golf Tournament. There are a number of issues that are arising in various workplaces, bad information from the employer, the lack of progress or information, and this is impacting employees.

CPC wanted to implement the project in the Stations and the YDC Hub on July 5, 2004, but could not meet that deadline. Then CPC wanted to implement the project on August 16, 2004 but could not meet that deadline. Now CPC intends to implement on September 12/13, 2004. It is possible that CPC will implement on that date, but the Local believes this is still ambitious and optimistic at this time.

The new date is based on CPC working weekends and completing the restructure by August 6, 2004 and providing the finished tours to the Local.

Whenever it is implemented, if the restructure is wrong, it is still subject to the grievance procedure.


In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local