July 16, 2004


MSC’s in the Stations

Recently, CPC provided extremely bad advice to all stations in all Zones concerning the Station MSC to MLC process and the Parcel Model bidding. This resulted in employees receiving letters and being instructed in mini – meetings they must submit transfers to participate in the MSC Hub bid, or LC Station bids.

This is absolutely wrong!

If you have been given bad information by CPC and wish to alter your applications, do so as soon as possible. The Local has raised this issue at the Monthly Union / Management meeting on July 14, 2004, and the Weekly Parcel Model consultations on July 15, 2004. The Employer at these levels agrees with the Union that the instructions were wrong and not sanctioned.

As PT MSC positions in the stations become vacant prior to the Parcel Model implementation, they will be converted to PT M(Motorized)LC positions, and staffed. These assignments will then be converted as soon as possible through “C” (Minor) Restructures into FT positions and assignments. This is to be achieved by combining vacant assignments and over assessments from walks, where ever possible.

The PT & FT MSC’s in the stations will participate in the bid for the Parcel Model and other MSC positions at the YDC Hub. You are not required to submit an application to be part of the MSC Hub bid. If you are not successful in the MSC bid you will automatically become a PT LC in a station. All the New PT MLC positions will be up for bid amongst all PT LC’s in the Local. These PT MLC Assignments will be converted to FT MLC when the Station gets an “A” Restructure.

You do not need a transfer application on file to participate in the MSC Hub bid. If you have concerns, call the Local Office.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local