May 7, 2004



Members of the Scarborough Local of CUPW who do not agree with the severance pay calculation of their Term and Part Time hours should do the following:

  1. Choose a payment option and sign the form ‘WITHOUT PREJUDICE’, and have a witness sign as well. This will allow the processing of your payment to be done.
  2. On the service history calculation sheet indicate your areas of disagreement.
  3. Return the form to the Severance Pay Office in Ottawa. This action is necessary to have management pay out your money and correct the errors in the payout.
  4. Get a Grievance form from your shop steward and fill it out. Attach it to a copy of your service history calculation sheet and send it to the local union office at 130 Dynamic Drive, Unit 12, and Scarborough, Ontario, M1V 5C9.
  5. By sending the grievance form to the local’s office you will be made part of a mass grievance taken out by the Scarborough Local to correct the many errors, such as wrong start date, incorrect schedule hours (example given 20 hrs per week while scheduled and worked 29hrs or 40 hrs per week) and other errors.
  6. You must become part of this local grievance if you have objections as mentioned before.
  7. This will not stop your severance pay from being paid out when it is due at the end of June. In fact this action will ensure that you are paid the correct monies owned to you even after the initial payout.
  8. The National Union has already taken out a policy grievance demanding that the severance payout be made to all members on the basis of ALL HOURS WORKED.

In Solidarity

Learie Charles
Grievance Officer
Scarborough Local