April 18, 2004



On April 15, 2004, CPC confirmed a “Parcel Count Trial” would commence on April 19, 2004 at the YDC and the Stations (sic). CPC wanted to commence a real “Parcel Count” on April 19, 2004, but the Union was able to get it delayed one week, so as the members would have sufficient notice. On April 26, 2004, a real “Parcel Count” will be conducted in all locations in the Local, the YDC and the Stations.

All parcels moving through the YDC, Gateway and 1 Yonge St., are to be keyed into the CPC computer systems to capture the Parcel Volumes for the two weeks.  The trial period is to ensure familiarity with the process and equipment for the test period, as the Union wants the most accurate information as possible.

It is very important that the employee’s keying the parcels enter the FSA, LDU, and the Suite #, and any other special issues, like COD, Customs, etc. It is a particular concern that you examine the item, determine, and enter a suite #, or floor #.

It is equally important that delivery employees verify their load completely and ensure all items have been captured. Late product cannot be excluded from the capture process. Ensure that all parcels have been properly keyed and have a label. If you observe an error in the label due to local knowledge, please ensure the corrections are made by returning the parcel for Keying / 038 / AIP changes to the CPC databases.

While we realize this extra and the new work is an additional load to your current schedule, it will benefit all of us if it is properly evaluated. We do not want to be overburdened and we want the maximum number of Full Time jobs. If the work is not properly evaluated, it will help the boss, and will not be in our favour.

Improper keying will make it harder for the clerks who rack the parcels to sequence them, so it is to their advantage to enter all the data. Improper keying will result in overburdened routes that will result in MSC’s working more than eight (8) hours on a tour until it is fixed.

It is not very often we agree with the employer, but in the instant case, it is to our benefit. In this case, accurate data will increase the number of FT MSC and FT CLERK jobs in the building.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local