April 17, 2004



CPC has indicated that they are going to relocate the work from the 1860 Midland E.R.V.U. to S.C.L.P.P. in the near future.  The Locals position was status quo, leave the operations as it is.  Nonetheless, CPC will be sending Notices in the very new future at a National Level.

This will mean that current CPC customers will experience increased costs transporting their product to SCLPP.  While CPC may save some internal costs (or pad a MGT Christmas bonus check) with the amalgamation of the operation, the savings will be transferred to increased costs to the LVM’s.  Will the savings offset lost revenue from the LVM’s who use 1860 Midland?  

CPC plans to “merge” the YDC Group 1 Internal (South Central City Off Site Parcels) and the ERVU.  This will trigger a bid for all positions in the YDC Group 1 and ERVU.  It will not trigger an application of Article 53, and no employee in the ERVU or YDC Group 1 will be displaced, positions within the building will be available. The Local had suggested in the fall of 2003 it was in everyone’s interest to merge the four “Post Offices” in the Local into one “Post Office”, but CPC rejected this proposal.

The Local will be suggesting that LVM’s can still drop off product at 1860 Midland, and CUPW members will stage and transport the product to SCLPP with the SLB, RPO and Pick Up items.  This will increase the number of Shuttle Tours and Heavy Vehicle (MSC-03) Tours and reduce the job losses.  

Once the parties consult on the issues, we will provide additional information. 

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local