April 17, 2004




On April 15, 2004, CPC confirmed a “Parcel Count Trial” would commence on April 19, 2004 at the YDC and the Stations (sic). CPC wanted to commence a real “Parcel Count” on April 19, 2004, but the Union was able to get it delayed one week, so as the members would have sufficient notice. On April 26, 2004, a real “Parcel Count” will be conducted in all locations in the Local, the YDC and the Stations.

During the two-week period starting April 26, 2004, all Parcels delivered by MSC’s in the Stations should be recorded.  CPC should supply the appropriate forms to capture the information.

In many stations, there will be a verification process with an AP-01, RMO or a CPC representative and a Union appointed observer.   You are encouraged to cooperate in this process with the Union Observer as it is to the advantage of the employees.

It is important that Station MSC’s verify that their load has been completely captured.  Late product cannot be excluded from the capture process.  CPC will be converting the remaining Station MSC routes to MLC tours after August 1, 2004, and accurate capture of the data will greatly assist in building FT MLC routes with minimum impact on existing Letter Carrier walks.  

It is also important that Station LC’s ensure that items over 3Lbs are delivered by MSC’s in this period and are recorded.  While we realize this is extra and new work is an additional load to your current schedule, it will benefit all of us if it is properly evaluated.

We do not want to be overburdened and we want the maximum number of Full Time jobs. If the work is not properly evaluated, it will help the boss, and will not be in our favour.

It is not very often we agree with the employer, but in the instant case, it is to our benefit to accurately record the data. In this case, accurate data will increase the number of FT LC, FT MLC and some PT LC positions in the Local.


In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local