March 28, 2004


Scarborough Members

Employees with Surnames/Last Names starting with A, B, or C received Severance Pay Letters a couple of weeks ago. CPC had mailed approximately 8000 offers across the nation, with at least 2000 errors.  The employer has now sent new letters to these employees, the balance will follow shortly.

National Policy Grievance NPG-03-00006, attached, will settle the issue of “scheduled hours or worked hours”.

There are a large number of Local concerns about the accuracy of the information in the offers. Many employee’s are reporting the scheduled hours reported does not match the scheduled hours of their positions.

For example, an employee (LC) who owns a walk or route evaluated at 27 hours per week is shown as being scheduled at 20 hours per week. Some are reporting wrong rates of pay. Employees who have owned several PT routes at different values, are getting a flat 20 hours per week. Employees who worked under “Term Contracts” prior to 1995 are given a flat 20 hours a week even if they were on a six-month contract to cover a FT Position. PT Employees who worked in the 1970’s who worked six days one the week, and five days the next two weeks as part of their fixed schedule, are credited with only the five days instead of six days. PT Final Sort Clerks should ensure that the 24 Hour a week schedules are properly reflected.

The only employee, who can expect to be paid properly, is an employee that started as FT and has worked FT all their career at Canada Post, or has the maximum payment of 28 years of full time equivalent service.

All other employees should review the amounts indicated in the Letters very carefully.

If you dispute the amount of scheduled hours on the letters, you must contact the Local Office and submit a grievance form with the letter of offer and the periods you dispute. An individual grievance will not be submitted, but you must provide the information to the Local to be captured by the Local grievance within 25 days of receiving the offer.

Regardless of the National Dispute, or the Local issue of accurate information, you have to make you decision within the period specified on the letter of offer.

We strongly urge you to seek financial advice on the payment. There are too may variables, age, amount, family status, taxes, RRSP, retirement date and other factors for the Local to provide advice to you on an individual basis.


In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local