February 19, 2004

Parcel Model Project

Y.D.C GROUP 1, CLERKS, Job Opportunities

The Locals, Regions and National consulted on February 19, 2004 on preliminary Group 1 (Clerk) staffing increases at the YDC and BMF(Gateway). CPC does not envision an increase at the 1 Yonge MSC HUB at this time (sic).

The Employer has recently established and staffed six (6) new FT P04 (Clerk) positions at the YDC. These new positions are staffed under the new Article 13 process.  The old transfer lists and the canvassing of the YDC Group 1 Temporary Employee’s List have been eliminated. The YDC Group 1 Positions and Assignments are in a unique stand alone “Post Office”. To obtain a position there, from the ERVU, UMO or any Station, P04 (Clerk) MSC or LC, you must use the new Application Form. You will not have the opportunity to decline, but will be required to report on any shift.

Between now and August 1, 2004, it is very likely that the employer will increase the number of FT and PT P04 (Clerk) positions at the YDC. The employer at this time cannot indicate; how many jobs will be added, the effective date or the shifts/hours that they will work. CPC will have a better idea of staffing needs when the MSC Restructure Process proceeds further. The new duties at the YDC will not consist of traditional Station P04 (Clerk) work, sortation of letters/oversize, A/O’s. There are several unique requirements of the job, not currently in the Local, and they are outlined in the last few pages of the draft collective agreement.  Currently YDC P04’s perform sortation of parcels, Loose Loading/Unloading and MMHE (Fork Lifts) work unloading or loading trucks. There is also an afternoon / evening work function with incoming originating mail from the SLB’s, RPO’s and MSC pickups, which is consolidated and despatched. The YDC currently operates twenty-four (24) hours a day, five (5) days a week.

The implementation of the Parcel Model Project will drastically alter the work of existing employees. Employees considering submitting applications for new PT or FT positions should keep these new duties in mind. In general in the very near future, the P04’s will perform sortation of parcels on a conveyor belt by keying the parcels and applying a label, MMHE work unloading or loading trucks, placing parcels on MSC Racks by sequence number, driving MSC Step Vans in the yard to docks and loading those trucks and then parking those vehicles in the yard into pre-determined spots.

There will also be an increase in afternoon / evening work functions with the increase of incoming originating mail from the SLB’s, RPO’s, MSC pickups. This is due to the increased Maritime – Ontario pickups that are contracted in. In addition, the incoming mail by 5-Ton Trucks and Tractor Trailer’s will change. The arrival times will change, as will the content.

This bulletin has been directed at Group 1 employees; please see the companion bulletins concerning the Parcel Model Project bidding for all Stations and the YDC ,and the Station Restructure Bulletin.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local