Restructures MSC to MLC

1.          Stop all plan C restructures. The restructures that have been completed in Toronto R, Toronto H, Toronto C, Toronto L, West Hill, Scarborough F, Scarborough D & Willowdale B and scheduled for implementation on March 15, 2004 will continue as planned because the updates to PCSS have been processed.  Offers will be made to holders of part‑time MSC assignments in those facilities to be reclassified to part‑time MLC under the provisions of article 45.04.  Those MSCs who opt to be reclassified will become unassigned letter carriers and will be eligible to bid on the MLC positions.  Those who opt not to be reclassified will be temporarily assigned by seniority to vacant part‑time MSC assignments in the post office, until they acquire an assignment through the normal monthly bidding process.  Employees who opt to be reclassified to MLC will have no further MSC bidding rights.

2.          When implementing the Parcel Delivery Model, re‑classify all existing MSC in station relay driver assignments and corresponding positions from MSC to MLC. Bidding for all MSC's assignments at the three HUB's, will be conducted at once, even if the parcel delivery model is implemented in stages. This will ensure that all current holders of MSC positions will have an opportunity to bid on all available assignments. For greater clarity Toronto local MSC's will bid on assignments at I Yonge and West Transportation; Scarborough local MSC will bid on assignments at YDC.

3.          After implementation of the Parcel Delivery Model, Plan A restructures will be conducted in all of our letter carrier delivery depots. Through the Plan A restructures, the letter carrier support functions such as relay delivery and AM SLB clearance will be added to the letter carrier operation. Any MLC relay drivers remaining in the depots when the Plan A is implemented will be able to exercise their rights as letter carriers under articles 47 and 13.

4.          MSC's remaining in the letter carrier depots after the application of paragraph 1, will have the opportunity to bid into vacant MSC assignments up to and including the implementation of the Parcel Delivery Model in the 3 hubs.

5.          Any MSC assignments and corresponding positions in letter carrier depots that become vacant, prior to the implementation of the Parcel Delivery Model, will be reclassified to MLC, as they become vacant. This can be accomplished by looking for over‑assessment that can be alleviated by adding it to a relay tour, or possibly a combination with a part time assignment, in an effort to maximize full time assignments. It should be understood, that the reclassification of MSC to MLC assignments and corresponding positions as contemplated by this provision will only occur after all the MSC's referred to in paragraph 1 have acquired an assignment.