February 19, 2004

Parcel Model Project


The Locals, Regions and National have been meeting with the employer most of this week trying to resolve on going problems. One of the major problems in the Local was the method of bidding for the MSC’s in the Stations and YDC who where losing their assignments and have rights under Article 46, and the new assignments being created at the YDC.  This was complicated by the “C” Restructures in the Stations converting MSC’s to MLC’s.

The parties have reached an agreement on the bidding process, and it is outlined in the attached document from CPC. The Union agrees with the first sentence (five words) in Pont 1, but the Union is in total disagreement with the balance of Point 1. The Union does not agree with the employer implementing the station restructures, nonetheless the employer is proceeding with these implementations.

All the FT MSC’s in the Local will bid under 46.09 for all FT MSC routes or relief (assignments) that are the created in the Parcel Model Project. All the PT MSC’s in the Local will also be offered a promotion to FT MSC under 47.21, this number of positions is still to be determined, as outlined in clause 47.21.  They will be offered a promotion into FT MSC but will have to bid for an assignment. This number will not exceed the number of PT positions deleted, but it is unlikely to trigger Article 13, due to the elimination of so many PT positions.

All PT MSC’s in the Local who do not obtain a promotion to FT MSC, will bid for the remaining PT MSC positions. Those who do not obtain a PT MSC position will likely be displaced to PT LC. PT MSC’s reclassified to other classifications without assignments are still to be resolved. CPC expects / hopes that the natural attrition of employees will resolve the difference between positions and employees.

If you are an MSC in the West Hill, Scarborough F, Scarborough D and Willowdale B, you should read Point One (1) of the attached document carefully, as it applies to you. If you opt to go Letter Carrier you will not be participating in the MSC Parcel Model bid, as out lined in Points Two (2) to Five (5)

If you are an MSC in any other Station or the YDC you should read Points Two (2) to Five (5) of the attached document carefully, as it applies to you. You will have to make a choice in the next couple of months.

Consultations on the Station “C” restructures will take place on February 23, 2004. You should not believe rumours on the floor from your supervisors, they do not know what is going on and are not part of the consultations at the Local, Region and National Levels.

This bulletin has been directed at MSC’s; please see the companion bulletins concerning the Parcel Model Project bidding for all Stations, the YDC, and Groups 1 & 2.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local