January 23, 2004


Malvern had 27 FT LC Routes, 1 PT LC Route, and 2 PT MSC Tours in the fall of 2003 or 28.5 Person Years. In the last, restructure 18 employees opted for Private Vehicle (PV) use. The average workload was 515 minutes, with close to 874 minutes of over assessment.

The Malvern Plan “B” restructure resulted it the movement of the M1X walks and R.S.M.C. Members to 280 Progress Ave. and becoming part of the Scarborough “C” Unit. The three (3) PT Walks will be reflected on the Scarborough “C” 075.

The conversion of PT MSC work into FT MLC in Malvern will also be implemented on February 16, 2004.

The Malvern Installation despite the removal of 1.5-PY will increase by Four (4) FT Letter Carrier positions, three (3) walks and one (1) relief. In total, the restructure resulted in an increase of four (4) person years, or 15%. Much of this increase is due to NO PV’s in the restructure, as the increase is greater than the over assessment.

Group 2 Employees who held assignments in Malvern on November 24, 2003 will have first round bidding rights to the assignments remaining at Malvern or the M1X walks moved to Scarborough “C”. Remaining assignments will be posted Local Wide under the new Monthly Bidding Procedure.

The two PT MSC currently at Malvern will have bidding rights under Article 47.19, and should bid ownership of another assignment in the next monthly bid or they will assigned under the changes to Article 13. Refer to the Restructure Bulletin to see where it is safe to go in the interim.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local