December 5, 2003



On Thursday, December 5, 2003, and Friday, December 6, 2003, there were two days of pre-scheduled meetings concerning the Parcel Model Project (Appendix 13, draft) and the conversion of Station MSC’s to MLC’s. In attendance were the Scarborough Local, Toronto Local, Winnipeg Local and National CUPW.

On the morning of the second day, the parties broke off talks due to major issues in dispute. At this time, no future consultations under Article 8 or Appendix 13 have been scheduled. Needless to say, talks are not going very well. This project will affect hundreds of employees in the local who do not know their future. The employer is not willing to pay for union involvement it the restructuring of 75 PT MSC’s and 15 FT Relief MSC’s who will lose their positions in the stations, starting as early as February according the employer’s restructure schedule. In addition, the employer is altering drastically walks currently in existence with incumbents.

The Local feels that the MSC to MLC project in the stations is a Major project and a component of the YDC Major Restructure. The employer feels the changes are minor adjustments and do not require paid union participation. Article 47.03 was changed in the new contract and it is clear that the employer must pay for our involvement. The employer’s position is that, they did not mean to sign that language and it should really mean something else. The last National CPC LRO to take that kind of a position on the word “Group” and signed off Article 53, is no longer employed in Ottawa.

The two-week sampling indicates a very large increase in parcels will coming back to the YDC from Maritime – Ontario. The product line also has greater time values, as there are Customs and C.O.D.s, which currently are not a large part of the product the YDC MSC’s deliver. Some products now going to the stations will be delivered by the YDC MSC’s and Program Pick Ups in the Afternoon will increase. There will be an increase in FT MSC’s and decrease in PT MSC’s.

The employer has informed us that they intend to start Best Practice training and on new products coming into the YDC, starting in the near future. This is required as there will be many other tours that will be sampled starting in January 2004.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local