November 24, 2003



The Employer has supplied a restructure schedule that will have a tremendous impact on the Local in the next few months, and especially on PT and FT Relief MSC’s in the stations.

All locations in the Local except Malvern, Unionville and Scarborough Depot 4 will be restructured as Plan “C” Restructures before July 31, 2004. In all the Locations, except Unionville and Scarborough Depot 4 the PT and FT Relief MSC’s will be eliminated. Motorized Letter Carriers (MLC’s) will perform the duties, while some of the duties will be transferred to the YDC Parcel Hub.

The Employer is proposing 15 stations in the Local be restructured, with a station-by-station implementation between February 16, 2004 and July 19, 2004. In the same period, there will be 22 stations restructured in the Toronto Local. The Schedule is on the reverse of this bulletin, and it is subject to change by the employer.

The Local is opposed to the “Band Aid” / quick fix / Plan “C” restructures, and believes that the Station problems are better solved with Plan “A” and “B” restructures. The Employer’s plan is for all the Stations in both Locals to receive Plan “A” restructures starting in September 2004 and ending January 1, 2007. The employers Plan “C” restructures will not eliminate all the over assessments, or implement the MM Stop Value or the DRS Value on all routes.

The main and most significant change will be the elimination of the 75 PT MSC’s and 15 FT MSC’s, and the creation of a undetermined number of new FT MLC’s, adjustments to other MLC routes and increased Relief LC’s based on the Bar Charts. At this time, there has been no agreement on the bidding procedures for the “PT MSC to FT MLC” project or the YDC Parcel Model, which are inter twined.

Current PT MSC’s in the stations should be aware that their current job will disappear and will be replaced with a FT job with less MSC duties and additional LC duties added. The current FT Relief MSC’s in the stations should realize those jobs will also disappear and the current Relief LC’s will have to perform MLC duties, and maybe increased.  Employees with restrictions, family commitments or other jobs should be aware and make the appropriate changes, through bids and transfers, keeping the changes coming in the near future to Article 13.

Temporary employees currently promoting in PT MSC’s should be cautious about remaining as a PT MSC and transfer to a LC’s as soon as possible, as after July 31, 2004 there may not be PT MSC positions available, and you may be forced into LC or P04 positions at that time.

There are a considerable number of issues arising over the Parcel Model, the “PT MSC to FT MLC” project, and other changes. The Local is having weekly meetings with the employer on these changes.


In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local