November 09, 2003



Under the previous Collective Agreement, Temporary Employees who crossed “Post Offices” lost their Temporary Employees Seniority. They maintained their Continuous Service Date, unless there was a true break in service, resignation or discharge. There are four “Post Offices” in the Local, only two of them use Temporary Employees, the YDC Internal List and the C&D YDC / Station List.

Under the Current Collective Agreement that went into effect on September 30, 2003, Temporary Employees may now move between “Post Offices” or Locals without losing their Temporary Seniority. This is not retro - active, Temporary Employees who lost Temporary Seniority by changing “Post Offices” or Locals in the past will not recover that time for Temporary Seniority Purposes.

While this provision applies now concerning the Movement between Lists, without loss of Temporary Seniority another one does not come into effect until February 1, 2004. This is because the provisions for Indeterminate Employee staffing changes do not come into effect until February 1, 2004.

For promotion into Indeterminate Employee Status after February 1, 2004, Temporary Employees will be required to submit an Application Form, instead of the current process where CPC canvasses Temporary Employees. A further Bulletin will be issued on this in January 2004 as a reminder of the changes


In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local