November 06, 2003



On February 1, 2004, there will be many changes to the Group 2 bidding process for assignments. Currently employees can opt not to bid an assignment on a Monthly Bid, and remain unassigned. This generally happens in the Relief area and “Pig Walks”, where employees with minimum seniority opt not to bid, and remain in the component.

On February 1, 2004, Components for the purpose of Article 13 will cease to exist, and LC’s and MSC’s will bid by the Local for assignments, similar to the current Group 1 employees who bid across the Local. In the past, unassigned employees could float around in the Component without bidding ownership of an assignment. After February 1, 2004, employees who do not bid will be assigned to own an assignment within the Local, regardless of your location.

In the past, an unassigned in the Richmond Hill Component, could float between the Richmond Hill Main and the Richmond Hill Depot 20 (L4B at West Beaver Creek). On February 1, 2004, the same employee after a monthly bid will be assigned to own an assignment from Don Mills to Ajax to Richmond Hill if they do not bid or make insufficient choices on the bid sheet.

After February 1, 2004, monthly walk bids will be by the Local, instead of the current Components. This will allow increased options to move around the local by a bid, instead of transfer forms.

You are encouraged to bid ownership of an assignment, Relief or “Pig Walk” between now and January 2004 if you wish to stay in your current location. After February 1, 2004, you maybe assigned to any Relief or “Pig Walk” in the Local, from Ajax to Don Mils to Richmond Hill.


In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local