November 02, 2003



On October 31, 2003, there were National Consultations in Toronto with Representatives from the National CUPW, Scarborough Local, Toronto Local, Toronto Region, and the CPC National and Divisional management. Most of the discussions were around the Parcel Model Project to be implemented at the Y.D.C. / 1860 Midland Ave. The Y.D.C. will be restructured as per the new collective Agreement with a target date for implementation of July 31, 2004.

The Parcel Model project will result in a significant increase in the number of FT positions at the YDC in Group 1 and 2. There will be dramatic increases in levels of FT MSC and FT P04 positions at that Location. In addition, there will be a dramatic decrease in PT MSC positions.

The employer at the meeting also indicated that all PT and FT MSC’s in the stations would be converted to Motorized Letter Carriers (MLC’s) by July 31, 2004 (Subsequently CPC has provided a Draft Schedule to this effect). This will result in Plan “C” and Plan “A” restructures to every Letter Carrier Depot in the Local with the exception of Scarborough Depot 4 and Unionville, which are Motorized already. In Scarborough Depot 4 and Unionville, the contracted in Parcels from the UEC (Urban Expedited Contractor – i.e. Maritime Ontario) will be given the MLC’s and MMC’s as additional values. All parcels, COD’s, and PCI’s which are done by station PT MSC’s will revert to the MSC Hub at Y.D.C. The new MLC positions will deliver relays in the AM and some mail delivery in the PM.

In addition to the contracting in of the Parcels from the UEC, the agreement also includes the contracting in of PUFF (Pick Up For a Fee) calls, which will also increase work to be combined into more FT positions. The UEC will still maintain Heavy Vehicle Pickups (5 Ton / High Docks) and highway transportation. The changes to the movement of mail between CPC and the UEC, to the BMF and the MSC’s hubs, MLC and MMC locations will alter the delivery / and arrival patterns of the 5 tons and Tractor Trailers., and the schedules of work.

Given the employers ambitious schedule, it would appear that most locations will be restructured and subject to some bidding before July 31, 2004, under the new Article 13 which goes into effect on February 1st 2004. In addition, the Union raised issues about the implementation of the Mail Mobile Stop, DRS, and Vehicle Security values in the Restructures and the over assessed walks, especially in places like Malvern.

Over the next few month’s there will be a series of Contract Changes Bulletins about the changes coming in the near future. All employees should read these bulletins, as the changes will affect us all in some way.

In the near future, the changes and demands on the Local will be intense and there will be changes in your workplace. It is important that you be involved and bring your concerns to the representatives responsible for the restructuring of work in your workplace or your steward.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local