October 15, 2003


! ARTICLE 18.02, Appendix 16, Draft Agreement !

On October 8, 2003 at the Monthly Union / Management meeting, the Union suggested the employer not restrict taking Lieu Days between December 15, 2003 and January 15, 2004, given the short period of time, to post notices, receive bids, provide information to the Local and then post results.

CPC indicated they would post notices for bidding of Lieu Days in each order book for each station, for the period between December 15, 2003 and January 15, 2004. To date, the Local has not seen any postings to this effect.

However, to ensure your right to take off December 22, 23, 24, 29, 30, 31, 2003 or January 2, 2004, you are encouraged to submit written bids to your supervisors and make sure you keep a copy, dated as received.

The Local’s position is, if the employer fails to complete the process under Appendix 16, by November 1, 2003, the period from December 15, 2003 and January 15, 2004 is unfettered (wide open). The employer disagrees, and indicates they can provide information later and results in the future, but they will conduct a bid now.

The Local indicated at the Monthly Union / Management meeting, that we would put out a bulletin and inform our members to bid, as we felt the station superintendents would fail to post and manage the bid given the changes and time frames involved.

This bidding of Lieu days does not affect the unfettered right of Group 1 – PO-04’s (Clerks) or Group 2 – PO-MSC’s (Drivers).

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local