October 4, 2003


Below is the text of a letter sent to Jim Gilbert, the Divisional Manager for the York Division, which includes the Toronto MAPP (Scarborough & Toronto Locals) and other Locals in the Ontario and Central Regions.

The Scarborough Local believes the best way to ensure your Health & Safety is to take your lunch break. The Scarborough Local believes the best way to ensure your job as it is currently structured is for you to return to the Depot and then take your lunch break. Then take out your PM Carry Out and complete your PM.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local

October 3, 2003

Jim Gilbert, Director                                                                 Jay Connery

Canada Post Corporation                                                        LRO

C&D Metro                                                                               C&D East

969 Eastern Ave.,                                                                    969 Eastern Ave.,

Toronto, Ontario,                                                                     Toronto, Ontario,

                                                                                                                                                 BY FAX ONLY

Dear Mr. Gilbert and Mr. Connery:


Effective immediately the local authorizes, that all PT & FT LC/MMC’s employees may opt to take their lunch on route, and not return to the LC depot for administrative purposes or picking up their PM Carry Out.

Currently no employee is required to spend their lunch or break on site, and this will not change for other employees.

Portal to Portal, PT & FT LC/MMC’s employees must still return their corporate vehicle after the completion of their PM.

Employees opting for this provision should send out the PM carry out to the last AM relay box, as a separate drop, and carry it to the start of their PM. There will be no relay boxes added to a route based on Appendix 19.

Employees opting for this provision must still follow their line of route, stop and take a lunch, and use the proper method of transportation. Relays must go out in Corporate Vehicles.

Employees opting for this provision, excepting portal to portal, have left for the day, and they are not to be included in subsequent overtime, emergency overtime, callbacks, forced overtime, or other means. Likewise, they cannot return and process mail for the subsequent day.

When employees opt for this, it cannot result in the alteration of the hours, working conditions, status of positions, harassment, of any other employees in the Bargaining Unit in the performance of their duties.

This does not affect Group 1 employees, who will still take breaks and lunches as scheduled and bid upon.

This does not affect MSC’s.

I would suggest a review of APOC and MGT positions in the Local, if the employer finds PT & FT LC employees are taking straight thoughts on a regular basis. Some APOC and MGT positions, maybe converted to PT, and to preserve FT APOC and MGT positions, you may consider deleting some Final Sort Cluster Supervisors and backing up the start times of some of the remaining FT supervisors by several hours.

This item will be on the agenda for next week’s Union / Management Meeting.

I trust that if there is a concern, that you will contact me.

Yours truly,

Mike Duquette


Scarborough Local


Cc: File

       Bob Forsey

       Peter Brennan, YDC

      Zone Managers, 5, 6, & 7