August 30, 2003

MAPLE, R. R. & S.S.

The Scarborough Local was recently informed that the Maple Facility will fall under the jurisdiction of Scarborough Local under the new Tentative Agreement for the R.R. & S.S. employees. 

The Scarborough Local was been very active in supplying information to employees and visiting locations to provide information, representing employees with Master Contract Holders and CPC, and listening to employee concerns.  

It is unfortunate that you were not included in these activities and provided the information. On behalf of the Local Executive I apologize for this lapse, we should have been notified sooner and I have no explanation for this error. v

The Scarborough Local welcomes you. Our office is located near Steeles and Markham Rd in Scarborough were we have small meeting areas, full time staff, and provide numerous services. The Local also has a website at :  The Local represents the following communities, Maple, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Unionville, Markham, Gormley, Stouffville, Ajax, Pickering, Scarborough, Don Mills and Willowdale. We have recently moved some changes to our Local bylaws to add a R.R. & S.S. PT Officer exclusive to R.R. & S.S. members to ensure your views are addressed.

We are providing today a number of copies of your Tentative Agreement for you to review, along with the Local Executives Recommendation, and a Meeting Notice.

The Scarborough Local will conduct a RATIFICATION VOTE on the TENTATIVE AGREEMENT on September 17, 2003. This vote will take place at the Hilton Suites Hotel at Warden Ave. and Highway 7 in Markham. The time of the single meeting is: 7.00 pm.

The Local Executive recommends that you vote “YES” to your TENTATIVE AGREEMENT. Many issues are still to-be clarified. Come to the meeting and ask your questions and vote, it is your democratic right.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local