August 24, 2003



The Scarborough Local Executive had an all day meeting with Deborah Bourque, CUPW National President, Kathy Kennedy, National Negotiator, and Gerry Deveau, National Director – Ontario Region on August 18, 2003 to discuss the Traditional CUPW Tentative Agreement. Copies of the draft R.R. & S.S. contract was distributed and reviewed. At an afternoon meeting on August 21, 2003, the Local Executive voted on a recommendation for the R.R. & S.S. Contract and changes to the bylaws establishing a new R.R. & S.S. Officer on the Local Executive.

The Scarborough Local Executive voted unanimously and recommends that you vote “YES” to the R.R. & S.S. Tentative Agreement.

There was an overwhelming agreement on the Contract. It was an easy decision, going from nothing to having a contract! At Monthly Membership Meeting on August 21, 2003, the members voted unanimously in favour of the change to the bylaws.  The new Local Officer position will now be put to a referendum of the members as per the Local Bylaws and once it is approved by National Office; you will be informed of the election process.

You should be aware, that the Scarborough Local Executive has recommended a “NO vote for traditional CUPW members, based on some issues that directly impact these members in the Local. This is not any reflection on our commitment to you; we will take care of you.  You are members of this Union. A “NO” vote by the Traditional Members, is not a vote authorizing a Strike, it is a vote forcing the National Union to reopen talks with CPC on the Tentative Agreement. It will put us into a position similar to late June, tense with a strike possible. This decision to recommend a “NO” vote was not taken lightly and is meant to send a message that the Executive is not happy with the changes in the Tentative Agreement. Some other Locals have recommended “NO” and some other Locals are recommending “YES”. In a democratic process there are pros and cons in a debate or vote. This is a healthy part of the decision marking process and provides and understanding the issues. It is very common for Locals to recommend a “NO” vote for various reasons, and many employees may vote no. It is a National Union of 45,000 members and the National Result is what counts. I am not aware of a contract being turned down nationally since I started in the early 70’s. The Local wants you to be informed of the issues.

I am sure you will find it ironic listening to the Traditional Members argue the pros and cons of things you do not have, and you would take it right away. Many of the things the Traditional Members are arguing about foreign to you, working in a PLANT on the nightshift is a hell on earth you do not want to experience. Traditional Members are arguing about where to take a paid lunch, while you work a 12-hour day without a paid lunch.


Once a place and Location for your vote is arranged, you will be informed.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local