August 23, 2003



The Scarborough Local Executive had an all day meeting with Deborah Bourque, CUPW National President, Kathy Kennedy, National Negotiator, and Gerry Deveau, National Director – Ontario Region, on August 18, 2003 to discuss the Tentative Agreement. The next day the Scarborough Local Executive had an all day Executive Meeting to deal with the regular business and discuss the Tentative Agreement. Copies of the draft changes for the executive were delayed due to the Blackout, so an additional afternoon meeting on August 21, 2003 was held to conclude the discussion.

There was considerable debate on the issues, some officers had problems with some areas, but there was a consensus on common areas of concerns, areas we were all uncomfortable with.

The Scarborough Local Executive voted unanimously and recommends that you vote “NO” to the Traditional CUPW Tentative Agreement.

This was based mainly on the issues of Benefits, Severance Pay and changes to the Letter Carrier work rules. There were a number of other Local issues, which were a concern also, including the combined (Scarborough and Toronto) temporary hiring list for Promotions by application.

A “NO” vote is not a vote authorizing a Strike; it is a vote forcing the National Union to reopen talks with CPC on the Tentative Agreement. It will put us into a position similar to late June, tense with a strike possible.

This decision to recommend a “NO” vote was not taken lightly and is meant to send a message that the Executive is not happy with the changes in the Tentative Agreement. Some other Locals have recommended “NO” and some other Locals are recommending “YES”. In a democratic process, there are pros and cons in a debate or vote. This is a healthy part of the decision marking process and provides an understanding of the issues. The Local wants you to be informed of the issues so you can make an informed decision.

The members should listen to both sides of the debate around the Tentative Agreement and ultimately you will decide the direction we take in the future. Once the results of the voting across the country are made know, the Local Executive, Regional Office and National Office will apply your decision and follow that direction.


You are encouraged to attend the meetings on September 3, 2003 and to listen to the issues and vote! It is your Future!

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local