July 31, 2003



The Scarborough Local will conduct a RATIFICATION VOTE on the TENTATIVE AGREEMENT on September 3, 2003. This vote will take place at the Delta Hotel at Kennedy Rd and the 401 in Scarborough. The time of the meetings are: 9am, 3pm and 7pm.

You must attend an information session with questions and answers prior to voting. All members are entitled to attend and are entitled to vote. Prior to the meeting, the Local will distribute to all employees a copy of the TENTATIVE AGREEMENT, in their work places as soon as it is available (approximately two weeks).

You are strongly encouraged to attend this meeting and vote. Our jobs and our futures are hanging in the balance.

There will be a separate and distinct meeting for Rural Routes and Suburban Service members. Once a date and location is confirmed, a special bulletin will be provided to them.

Until the Local sees the finalized wording of the draft contract, we are not prepared to embrace the TENTATIVE AGREEMENT. Once the draft contract is available the Local Executive will review it and provide their position. Many issues are still to be clarified.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local