July 23, 2003



On July 23, 2003 in the early AM, the National Office of C.U.P.W.-S.T.T.P issued a bulletin about a FRAMEWORK FOR SETTLEMENT. The Scarborough Local distributed it to all Locations.

There is an agreement in principle around the outstanding major issues. The National Parties must iron out the exact Collective Agreement language. I am not able at this time to give the details of the agreement, but some limited information is available. As soon as more detailed information is available it will be distributed.

  • Full Retroactivity
  • 4 year Collective Agreement with a raise each year (no details on amounts)
  • COLA (Cost Of Living Allowance) (no details on the trigger)
  • Contracting in of Urban Expedited Parcels in Major Centers (Scarborough, Windsor, London and Toronto)
  • Temporary can transfer without loss of Temp Seniority Severance Provisions have changed (no details)
  • R.R. & S.S. employees will become CPC employees and have a Collective Agreement (no details)
  • The “Contracting In” of “Urban Expedited Parcels” will have a dramatic increase in the workload at the YDC (MSC’s and Clerks) and in the Stations in the MSC functions and some impact in LC functions and Clerk sortation functions. This will result in an increase of positions and jobs, and better service to the customer.

    The recognition of R.R. & S.S. employees as employees of CPC with a contract will result in these employees getting benefits, many of us take for granted, Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Worker’s Comp for Injuries, and relief when off.

    Until the Local sees the finalized wording, we are not prepared to totally embrace the FRAMEWORK FOR SETTLEMENT. Based on the information available, the FRAMEWORK FOR SETTLEMENT is a positive development for the Scarborough Local. A lot more FT MSC’s at YDC, more MSC work in the stations resulting in more FT MSC’s in the Stations, and 112 new R.R. & S.S. routes and relief become members and have rights.

    Many issues are still to be clarified; we will supply it as soon as possible.


    In Solidarity

    Mike Duquette
    Scarborough Local