June 28, 2003



The Scarborough Local Executive has determined that you must picket for 20 hours over a seven-day period to receive Strike Pay. In almost all cases this means 4 hours per day Monday to Friday, between 05:00 AM and 16:00 PM, or your own shift (nights and afternoons). Specific Locations may choose to Picket 24 x 7. The basic principle is five days, four hours each day. You will receive $175.00 per week, commencing on the 8th day, non taxable / no deductions at source. Picket Captains will have Picket Cards for you to have completed to receive Strike Pay.

Locations may also choose to Picket 7 days a week, while almost all will only need to Picket Monday to Friday. CUPW National will determine the days a Local is on strike to determine Strike Pay entitlement. Local Wildcat Strikes do not trigger Strike Pay.

The Local will honour alterations based of specific needs. Cross Local Picketing is entertained on a case by case basis, YOU MUST CONTACT THE LOCAL PRIOR TO STRIKE ACTIVITY. Cross Local Picketing is not allowed in Rotating Strikes, or Selective Product Strikes. Cross Local Picketing is only entertained in a General Strike. In addition R.R. & S.S. members are not entitled to Strike Pay.

The Scarborough Local will participate in Selective Product Strikes, but does not participate in Rotating Strikes. Once called out by the National Office, the Local will remain On Strike in all Locations in it’s jurisdiction until there is a settlement.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local