June 26, 2003




The Scarborough Local will allow R.R. & S.S. members to report to work at their empty sortation cases during legal or illegal strike activities. We ask that they respect our picket lines and listen to the information provided, and the latest updates.

There are a number of reasons for this decision. The R.R. & S.S. members are currently very much under paid in comparison with traditional CUPW / CPC employees. The R.R. & S.S. members are not entitled to receive the $175.00 / per week Strike Pay under the current CUPW National Constitution. We would be hard pressed to ask these under paid members of our Union to honour our “Our Strike Line” but you don’t get “Our Strike Pay”, while they are a part of our Union. The R.R. & S.S. members are involved in contracts outside the framework of our current Contract at this time, and their future Contract, and we do not want to jeopardize their current employment status.

In future rounds of traditional CUPW/CPC bargaining this situation will change significantly.

In addition R.R. & S.S. members will deliver government assistance checks in line with the policy regarding regular employees.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local