June 5, 2003


The Scarborough Local maintains an informational website, to supplement the existing means of communication to the members.

This web site has some of the information the Local produces and sends to the members in the regular mailings from the Local office. This includes some of the “Local” bulletins, but does not include Bulletins from the Region, National, or other sources.

During the next few weeks, the Local will update this site on a daily basis, with news around the contract talks through Links to National CUPW and news on events within the Local.

The Local web site address is:


You cannot contact the office or send e-mails to the office through this web site at this time. Aside from the current Contract/Strike problem, there is information on the site of interest to Local Members, which includes general advice, Officers, Stewards and Committee Members, Local Meeting Information, Facility Maps and Pictures, 075’s, Contracts, and Seniority Lists.


The National Union web site address is:


In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local