May 26, 2003


The Scarborough Local is in the process of holding a series of evening meetings involving a grouping of stations and available locations. This is to provide information on the current contract talks, and lack of movement on CPC demands, which are Rollbacks.

CUPW/STTP will be in a position to go on “Strike” on or about June 17, 2003. CPC will also be in a position to “Lock Out” employees on the same date. At this time it seems likely we will be taking job action before the end of June 2003.

The Scarborough Local will conduct a STRIKE VOTE on June 3, 2003. This vote will take place at the Delta Hotel at Kennedy Rd and the 401 in Scarborough. The time of the meetings are: 9am, 3pm and 7pm.

You must attend an information session with questions and answers prior to voting. To vote, you must be a “Member In Good Standing”, all members are entitled to attend.

You are strongly encouraged to attend this meeting and vote in favour of a strike mandate. Our jobs and our futures are hanging in the balance.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local